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A Coincidence Is A Minor Miracle In Which God
Prefers To Remain

Wedding at Cana Reflection

Marriage Encounter Online - Marriage MansionLUKE

Hi, we’re Luke and Sherri! Meet our dog, Miracle.

Before we start our presentation, we want to tell you about Miracle. My Mom and Dad raise dogs and sell the puppies. About two years ago they showed us the runt from a litter. They didn’t think it would live. The poor thing looked so sick and sad, it broke our hearts. We asked my parents if we could take the runt home with us, to give him a little love since it didn’t look like he was long for this world.

Sherri fed him a baby bottle of warm milk. It was a Saturday and we were both off work. I made a sling so I could carry the poor pup close to my heart and talked gently to him.” . We took turns doing that all day. He seemed to like being close to us. Our kids also held him gently.

As evening drew on we weren’t sure where to put the pup. Our son, Jerry, said he wanted to sleep with him. “Okay!” We spread newspaper on the floor in the laundry. Jerry got his pillow and a cover. I sadly cautioned Jerry that the pup may not live through the night.

“Naw, Dad, I’ll take care of him. Sherri and I said a little prayer with Jerry and the pup, then went off to bed. Sunday morning we awoke to find Jerry standing by our bed holding the pup. The pup looked very alert. “See, Mom and Dad, I told you I’d take care of him. But, boy, did he stink.”


The same ritual took place for several days. Then, one morning, we were concerned that Jerry had not come into our bedroom. Apprehensively, we went downstairs to the laundry. There we saw Jerry smiling broadly, watching the pup wobbling around, waging his tail. “See, Mom and Dad. I told you he’d be okay. I prayed for a miracle. I knew this was serious so I started ‘Calling All Saints! Calling All Saints!’”

We all agreed “Miracle” had to be his name. Now, Miracle will lead us out to the Reflection Pond where we can experience God’s miracles all around us. Come on, Miracle, let’s go!

Wedding At Cana Reflection Handout and Questions

When you finish your Couple Dialogue stay seated and reflect on this statement: What a miracle you are to me! When you’re ready, Miracle will lead us back to the mansion where Bret and Diane will take you to the Great Room.

Remember to be on the lookout for all God’s miracles – big and small. My father used to tell us kids that “A coincidence is a minor miracle in which God prefers to remain anonymous!” We like to reflect on that and we know it’s true.

Let’s go, Miracle!

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