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Romantic Dinner

Marriage Encounter Online - Marriage MansionKRISTIN

You’ve really been working hard. Now it’s time for you to plan a romantic dinner for yourselves -- an interlude to just enjoy each other.

A simple way to handle this is to go to a restaurant where you can have a table in a quiet spot, talk privately and create a memorable evening. Or, you can pack a meal, complete with candles, etc. and head out to a secluded place for your romantic dinner.

Drew and I want to tell you how we planned our romantic dinner at home.


Kristin and I decided to eat at our place, but we motivated ourselves to do it up big by pretending that very special friends were coming. It worked well for us. What the heck, we’re special, and we’re friends. Right? We let our imaginations go wild as we decided what “they” would like regarding all the many details that go into making a dinner memorable.


I pulled out some of our wedding gifts that we had seldom used, such as tablecloth, dishes, wine glasses. We planned the menu together. I told Drew, “I think they’d enjoy your grilled steaks. They’re so delicious!”, to which Drew responded, “I can do that. And you make a fantastic salad when you buy enough different stuff. What do you think of that?” All the way to dessert, we planned a simple but elegant meal together.


To get the atmosphere we wanted, I set up a table in our bedroom and we called it our “Candlelite Nook”. We laughed as we folded our lovely tablecloth to fit the small table. On it I put the candle we used at our Reconciliation Service. I made sure we could play the music Kristin and I had chosen. I was feeling excited with anticipation.

Then we met after work the day before our big date, and bought all the food, plus a bottle of wine. I picked a small bunch of flowers and showed them to Kristin. “Do you think our friends would like these?” She smiled and said, “I don’t know, but it’s worth the chance, don’t you think?”


We let nothing interfere with “our dinner date”. We made the salad and dessert the night before, and both planned to get off work early on the day we chose. We dressed up for the occasion and gave attention to details. The whole process of planning and executing our plan was thrilling. I felt young and beautiful, and deeply loved.

When we sat down for our romantic dinner, Drew poured our wine, then he tenderly held my hand, looked at me with love, and said, “Dear Lord, thank you for my special friend, the best friend I could ever hope to have. Thank you for the fun we have together. Thank you for this romantic dinner. Thank you for our blessings, for our love, and for your love for us. Amen.”


We won’t tell you any more, except that it definitely was a memorable evening. We wish you the best as you plan your romantic dinner, and hope it works out well for you.

Tomorrow when you come back to the Marriage Mansion, you’ll be greeted by Luke and Sherri who will take you to the Reflection Pond.

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