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A presentation on Intimacy is given by Kristen and Drew on the Marriage Mansion DVD. Kristen and Drew can be found in the Heart Suite. No other room in the mansion witnesses so much intimacy as does a couple’s bedroom. From showering together to dressing, to talking both light and heavy, love making, cuddling, sleeping in each other’s arms, to nurturing our newborn children, to caring for each other when we are sick, and more. Kristen and Drew share from their life experience the necessity to communicate with complete openness and honesty in order to reach complete satisfaction in married intimacy.

While this presentation on Intimacy is not a necessary step in the success of the Marriage Encounter program, it is very helpful. We hope you’ll take advantage of the DVD offer. For more information about the Marriage Mansion DVD series and how to place an order, click here.

Married Intimacy Handout and Questions


When you finish your CD we will take you over to the Meditation Chapel. Brad and Carly want to talk with you about the next event in the Marriage Encounter program. Steven and I saw this activity as more than a break; it was an important part of healing which prepared us for sharing more deeply in the steps ahead.

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