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Marriage Mansion Presentations

Below is a list of the presentations that will guide you through the Marriage Mansion. It’s best to read these presentations in order as each builds on the previous one. May the Lord be with you as you walk room by room through the mansion.

Media Room:
Communication and Feelings
Hall of Mirrors:
Reflecting on Self
Joy Studio:
Symptoms of Spiritual Divorce
Subjects for Understanding
Rose Garden:
Parable of the Sower
Music Room:
Marriage in the Plan of God
Private Den:
Confidence and Dialogue
Heart Suite:
Married Intimacy
Meditation Chapel:
Meditation and Reconciliation
Candlelite Nook:
Romantic Dinner
Reflection Pond:
Wedding at Cana Reflection
Great Room:
Marriage and Its Gifts
Sun Room:
Marriage Spirituality
Marriage Commitment
Grand Wedding Foyer:
Renewal of Vows
Motor Car Room:
Where do we go From Here?

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