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All New Marriage Mansion DVD Series

Experienced live by well over a million couples throughout the world this
marriage enrichment program is now available on DVDs.

Join our Guide Couples* as they lead you through this virtual Marriage Mansion and share with you how they used the “Couple Dialogue” process to build their love to higher levels of understanding and appreciate each other more fully.

The Marriage Mansion DVD program assists couples in discovering their marriage in the plan of God and provides them with the path to a more open, loving, truthful, intimate and joyful relationship.

*real life stories portrayed by professional actors and actresses.

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The DVD Packs Come In 2 Forms
DVD Couple Pack - $57
DVD Gift Pack - $97

Both Marriage Mansion DVD Packs Include:
2 DVDs All 16 Presentations of the Marriage Mansion program are portrayed by professional actors and actresses. The DVDs are crafted in such a way as to heighten the realism as the Guide Couples share their intimate life stories. Sit back and make yourself at home while the Guide Couples take to you to various rooms inside and outside the mansion for each presentation.

2 Marriage Mansion Companion Books (one for each spouse) which contains the questions needed for your reflection after each presentation, many extra helpful suggestions, tips for continuing the spirit after the program, a chart for recording your progress, plus ordering information on this and other Marriage Mansion Publications.

In addition, the Marriage Mansion Gift Pack also contains:

  • CD of original Marriage Mansion music
  • 2 Reflection Diaries with bookmarks and name labels
  • 2 Ballpoint Pens
  • 2 JOY Ornaments to remind you to “look for the Joy”
  • Double Rings - a Romantic Dinner cake decoration

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International Shipments:
Canada - Couple Pack: $18.25 | Gift Pack: $28.50
Other International Shipments - Couple Pack: $19.95 | Gift Pack: $47.50


Couple Packs
Gift Packs

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International Shipments:
Canada - Couple Pack: $18.25 | Gift Pack: $28.50
Other International Shipments - Couple Pack: $19.95 | Gift Pack: $47.50


If you have any questions about the Marriage Mansion DVD programs please call: (513) 545-5649


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