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History of Marriage Encounter

Founded in Barcelona, Spain in 1962 by a Spanish priest, Gabriel Calvo, the Marriage Encounter program served to help married couples become all they could be by discovering the fire and energy of love which existed in their unique relationship. Father Calvo used the term “marriage encounter” for his program. Having spread quickly and enthusiastically throughout many parts of the world, the enrichment program was brought to the USA by the Christian Family Movement in 1967, bringing the birth of the marriage enrichment movement to the United States.

Fr. Calvo was named the “Father of Marriage Enrichment” at an ACME Conference in Atlanta, GA in October, 1988. ACME is the Association of Couples in Marriage Enrichment.

Although Marriage Encounter is Catholic in origin, couples of all faiths and those with no faith tradition are welcome and encouraged to participate. No attempt is made to convert anyone to a religion. Enriching a marriage is the focus of Marriage Encounter Online.


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