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T.I.M.E. By Mail

The Inmates Marriage Encounter By Mail, a book written for and by couples who are separated by incarceration to help them work on their relationship by mail. This newly revised edition includes 25 pages of new material, including questions for engaged couples. All presentations in the book were given in correctional institutions by inmates and their spouses. Visit us at

AVAILABLE NOW - In order to get two copies of T.I.M.E. By Mail at the special price of $20, send a check or money order made out to NMEPM, LLC. and mail to NMEPM, LLC. P.O. Box 53583, Cincinnati, OH 45247. Be sure to include names for husband and wife plus full mailing addresses. Be sure to include the inmate’s ID# and name of the institution.

Or, you can order with Paypal from the Marriage Mansion website:

Third parties can order for their incarcerated friends and loved ones.

Becoming an All-Star Team in the Major League of Marriage

Marriage and Baseball — Two world renowned institutions. When you take the principles of
baseball and mix them with the world-famous Marriage Encounter program you come out with a world series win for your marriage. Becoming an All-Star Team in the Major League of Marriage is a delightful program that shows you and your spouse how to hit home runs every day.

In this book we use baseball teams as an analogy for what happens between spouses in marriage because baseball players practice to keep their skills sharp and to improve them. This is exactly what married couples should do to keep their marriage strong and healthy. We hope you enjoy baseball or softball, either as a participant or a spectator. But if you don’t, we hope you can still see the connection.

The phrase “Practice makes perfect” certainly applies. The All-Star Marriage book will lay out an orderly path for you and your spouse to live the married life of your dreams and the phrase “ Take me out to the ballgame ” will take on new meaning.


"Jack approached me for help preparing for press a book he was writing because I had experience as a book editor and speech and written communication instructor. Jack thought I could improve his and Jane’s presentation of the stories, however, Jack and Jane knew exactly what they wanted to say. All that was left for me was to move some commas around and spell-check the copy. But my edit process did give me the opportunity to closely read the material, to share the experiences in the book with my wife of over forty years, to compare those experiences to what we have experienced in our time together, and to discuss a few adjustments that we are working on to make our future better. If this book can help “team mates” of 40 years find better ways to work out our difficulties, I am left with the feeling that it can help anyone."

Daniel Van

Take your mate out to the ball park!





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