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Meet Your Host Couple

Marriage Encounter Online - Marriage MansionWelcome, we are Jack and Jane. We’re going to walk you through Marriage Encounter Online with the hope of helping you get the most out of the program. We’ll start by introducing ourselves.

When we made our Marriage Encounter many years ago, we were going through a financial crisis due to an out-of-town business that was failing. Jack was out of town a lot and we were experiencing a lot of stress.

Marriage Encounter gave us much needed hope, because it allowed us to see that we were doing a lot of things right for our relationship. But we also knew we were holding a lot inside – things we didn’t talk about because we didn’t have the time to talk it through. Some topics we were afraid to talk about.

On our Marriage Encounter we learned how to communicate without blaming each other. They referred to it as “owning our feelings”. It’s a lot easier to hear “I feel frustrated”, rather than “You make me feel frustrated.” These simple suggestions and many others made sense to us. They opened the door to better communication.

We learned the importance of little acts of love and kindness. So glad that we were already doing some of these things, we learned that our marriage is blessed by these actions. With every act of love we’re saying, “Yes” or “I do” to our marriage vows. Today, we still sometimes hurt each other. But because those little (and sometimes big) acts of love are a part of our lives, it’s so much easier to get back on track – to say “I’m sorry”, or to reach out for a healing hug. How can I stay angry with a husband who is so kind to me?

As we became more united as a couple, we began to reach out to help other couples using the new talents we were developing. We became a team couple for Marriage Encounter and in 1981 started a ministry of Marriage Encounter in prison. This little gal, who lost her voice when she first tried to speak before a group, has helped to lead over 200 M.E. programs inside federal and state prisons throughout the country.

We could only do this because we knew it was God’s plan in our lives. And we discovered God’s plan through the process of Marriage Encounter. Our Marriage Encounter experience and the follow-up programs we attended helped us to a beautiful, fulfilling life together. We pray Marriage Encounter Online will be just as helpful for you.

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