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The trouble with the younger generation is
that it hasn’t read the minutes of the last meeting

Marriage Mansion Reference Library


Come on in. We’re glad you came over to see us. We are sort of tucked away in this wing of the mansion. We named it the ‘West Wing’ to get attention.

Sometimes here in the Reference Library it can get lonely. So, we’re happy to try and help you. I’m River and this is my lovely wife, Alexis.

Yes, my name is River. I’ll bet you’re wondering how I got my name. Well, here’s the scoop. My parents were from the hippy generation. They wanted to pick an unusual name, one that would draw attention. So they named me “River”. By the time I was ten years old, I had been to 38 Grateful Dead Concerts. Despite my upbringing, I’m a well educated librarian, as is Alexis.


Let us first tell you how the Library is laid out. As you will see on the Index Chart, our material is grouped by subject matter. Also, we assume you are like most of us – short on time. That’s why our material is short, sweet and to the point -- to save you time.

You won’t find traditional bound books in here. All of our material is available for you to print off on your printer.

If you need any help from us, we will be at our desk over by the large palladium window.


When we came in today I noticed that some of the vehicles of the original owners were parked out back. We like looking at old vehicles; it helps us appreciate the past.

Before you leave, you may want to go around back and take a look yourself.


Take as much time as you can spare. Please keep stopping in at the Marriage Mansion Reference Library. We will be adding to the resource material from time to time. Also, if you are looking for material we don’t have listed, use our contact page and tell us what you are looking for. We will see if we can find it for you.

May God’s generous blessing be on all of us.


Marriage Encounter Online Reference Material

Understanding Myself
Looking Inward
Encounter With Self
To Know Myself is to Find Myself
Parable of the Lost Son

Growing in Unity
Growing Together As a Couple
Marriage Bonders
Creed for Marriage Encounter

Helping Others
Being An Open and Committed Couple

Worth Thinking About
Thoughts on Marriage
Steps in Making a Decision
Food for Thought
Letter Writing

Understanding Each Other
Axioms and Ideas on Married Growth
Guidelines For Dialogue
Marital Communication
Mutual Confiding
Dealing With Anger
Married Intimacy

Growing Closer to God
Praying Together
Blessing Each Other
Sacrament of Marriage
Graces of the Sacrament of Marriage

Special Help
M.E. For Couples With Special Needs



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