Marriage Encounter Online - helping married couples work through covid related problems.
Marriage Encounter helps couples with stress brought on by Covid 19

Marriage Encounter Online/DVD - Helping Married Couples Have A Better Marriage

Covid 19 and the events of 2020 have created stress in many marriages this past year. Marriage Encounter can help couples deal with the strain Covid and it's fallout has brought. Experienced by well over a million couples throughout the world, the popular Marriage Encounter program has been adapted for DVD viewing as the Marriage Mansion. The Marriage Mansion is your virtual setting for Presentations designed to help you know and appreciate yourselves as individuals, and understand and accept each other in a way that rekindles your love relationship. As we guide you through the rooms of the Marriage Mansion, married couples can experience many of the life-changing benefits of Marriage Encounter in this relaxed online setting. Visit our Getting Started page for more information and details on how to use this site, and order the Marriage Mansion DVDs.

How Is The Covid Virus effecting Your Marriage?

We have been told that all couples experience crisis at some time in their marriage. . . but Gosh, hasn’t this past year been a test like none we’ve ever seen?

We take courage from the words of the founder of Marriage Encounter, Fr. Gabriel Calvo, who reminds us that


Find out exactly what Fr. Calvo means by making the Marriage Encounter Program, using the Marriage Mansion DVDs and the handouts available on this website.

After all the stress on your marriage in 2020, RESOLVE TO MAKE 2021 the year that you prove to each other that your relationship can survive any crisis.

The New Marriage Mansion
DVD Series
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Marriage Encounter is an enrichment program designed to help couples grow in understanding using the ‘Couple Dialogue’ method of loving communication. It gives husbands and wives the opportunity to take their relationship to a higher level, and to fan the passion that brought them together. Discover tips that will enhance your love, strengthen your marriage.

Couples who participate share their thoughts and feelings with their spouse only. You give the Marriage Encounter to each other, so the more effort you put into it, the more there is to gain. When the final exercises-on-line have been completed, you can continue to use the principles and techniques to work on your relationship.

Who is Marriage Encounter Online for?

Covid 19 Effects on MarriageThis website, along with the Marriage Mansion DVD, is designed to afford any couple who wishes to do so, the opportunity to experience a Marriage Encounter in the privacy of their own home. It is for those who are unable to attend a regular Marriage Encounter for any reason. For those who have already experienced a Marriage Encounter, it can be experienced again as a refresher.

The program is for couples who desire to experience a deep and loving communication. This means most couples, however, we stress the word couple. Both partners should “make” a Marriage Encounter together. The benefit is greatly diminished if only one person desires it.

The Marriage Encounter program is a marriage enrichment experience, and not a substitute for counseling; however, it can help to lessen the need for counseling.

We often hear the phrase, “Marriage Encounter is for couples with ‘good’ marriages.” In the words of Marriage Encounter founder Gabriel Calvo, “...This is a false division, because it separates couples from each other. It also gives the mistaken notion that some couples have ‘made it.’...Any sincere couple has to admit that there are many times when they are in trouble.”

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